Doc Bakers Detox/Cleanse Plans

Doc Bakers offers different detox/cleanse plans from simple to reinvigorating, all of which are organic, non-GMO, raw & nutritionally dense with high enzyme content. All of our detoxes/cleanses/ are assembled from our wide array of Farmulation & Hydrator drinks, which all have different amounts of Beet, Ginger, Spiciness, Green & Fruit content. Once you decide which detox/cleanse plan that you would be interested in doing, the detox/cleanse team will put your detox/cleanse together. If you would like to have a highly customized detox/cleanse put together to fit your allergy, food restriction & precise preferences, we offer a number of Health Coaches to talk with to guide you through what juices are best for you. Further add-ons are available upon request for an extra charge per item, including Organic Boosters & Organic Edibles.

Detox/Cleanse Breakdowns

Selection Varies Depending On Detox/Cleanse Choice
  1. Organic Booster*:
    1. Consume upon waking up a half an hour before your first juice
    2. May include a collection of:
      1. Wheatgrass: Chlorophyll for enhanced energy
      2. Blue Energy: Blue-Green Algae for vitality, mental focus & stress management
      3. Detox Zap: Detoxifying Electrolytes for stamina & well-being
  2. Organic Green/Vegetable Juice
    1. Consume first over 2-3 hours
    2. Low sugar, high greens for sustainable energy & detoxification
  3. Organic Fruit/Citrus Juice**
    1. Consume second of 2-3 hours
    2. Medium-High sugar, medium green for accelerated energy
  4. Organic Vegetable Juice
    1. Consume third over 2-3 hours
    2. Medium sugar, medium-high green for stabilized energy
  5. Organic Beet Juice
    1. Consume fourth over 2-3 hours
    2. Medium sugar, medium green for increase circulation & repair of detox pathway
  6. Organic Plant-Based Milk**
    1. Consume fifth 1-2 hours before bed
    2. Medium-Low sugar, savory for soothing, relaxation & recovery
  7. Hydrators:
    1. High Alkaline drinks for increase hydration & relief of detoxification reactions (i.e. headaches)
    2. Use when needed
    3. May include a collection of:
      1. Hydrators
      2. Organic Caffeine-Free Teas
  8. Organic Edibles*
    1. A collection of our organic food items
    2. Consume the day before/after the detox
    3. Improved overall transition into & out of the detox
*Added Extras
**Not Available In All Detoxes
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